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Stacey Louis: “I grew up in College Park, Georgia, just south of Atlanta. You know, this is SEC country so everybody plays football. It’s sort of like a religion here. So, I grew up playing at College Park, played for about six years playing rec football … went on to play high school football for four years. Then I played college football for four years.

Morehouse was a … you know, it was definitely an eye opening experience. I went to the University of Nebraska for two years before I went to Morehouse so coming from a school like that and going to a HBCU…it was amazing.

I finished college in 2011. I tried out for a few pro teams. I didn’t make it so I decided to go back and get my degree and start coaching.

My nephew plays for the College Park Rams. We’re located right in College Park Georgia, right by the airport. I grew up playing for the same team for my entire youth football career.

I’m sitting there working, someone comes up, taps me on the shoulder, and it’s Nate Morris. He’s like, ‘Hey. I’ve heard you were coaching football. I think it’s great. You know, I played a little football myself.’

So we delved into that conversation about the playing days and one of the things that really got me was Nate said, ‘Hey. We really wanna be involved with your team so, you know anyway we can sponsor you guys or help you guys.’

That’s a really important thing because a lot of the kids, especially in College Park, they really don’t have a lot of male role models in their life or father figures. So having coaches to support them, having businesses to support them can go a long way.

My dad wasn’t around so our cultures played a very intricate part in our growing up, our maturing. So I wanted to go back and do the same things. I’ve worked for Fortune 50 companies before and there’s nothing like the atmosphere at Rubicon. I think we have this thing where we work really hard, as far as gaining new businesses, breaking into the industry. But we also play just as hard.

It’s a great atmosphere. I would encourage anybody looking for something to definitely look at Rubicon.

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