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Won't You Be Our Neighbor? An Interview with Serenbe Founder, Steve Nygren

A unique community near Atlanta, Serenbe has quickly become a slice of heaven outside of city limits. Serenbe has it all: retail and spa amenities, fresh food straight from the farm, and focus on overall health and wellness.


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The Millennial Whisperer: Author Chris Tuff

Author Chris Tuff has created an easily digestible and engaging manual for managing millennials. The waste industry is antiquated and is now being run by new leaders, ideas, and young and hungry employees. How do we respect the old while ushering in the new?


Live from Philly: Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein

From branding booze to branding bubbles, Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein has had a hand in several household names. A Keynote speaker for the event, Bergstein joins host Amy live on location in Philadelphia at the Sustainable Brands Conference.

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