Technology built for proactive governments.

RUBICONSmartCity™ is a smart city technology suite that helps city governments runs more efficient, effective, and sustainable operations. A SaaS offering originally designed for waste and recycling fleets, this full-service technology solution can be deployed in almost any fleet to help reduce costs, improve service, and contribute to quality of life.

Now deployed in 35+ cities nationwide

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“The technology has definitely increased the efficiency of the routes. Our team considers the technology very helpful in providing real-time insights into route progress, fleet and truck performance, and driver behavior."

Michelle Wiseman Director of Waste Diversion & Outreach at City of Atlanta (Mayor’s Office of Sustainability)

RUBICONSmartCityTM technology solution

Delivering proactive government

The smartest run cities are those that anticipate the needs of their residents before they call. Our technology delivers insights about the specific problems that plague a community, allowing governments to act before citizens complain, leading to more sustainable, resilient, and equitable neighborhoods.

Maximizing existing government resources

Cities today are required to do more with less. Our technology leverages existing government fleets to do more by transforming these vehicles into roaming data collection centers that can feed government work order systems across functional areas.

Producing tangible safety gains

Our technology helps to calm the streets and improve neighborhood streetscapes by having materials picked up efficiently and getting your fleet vehicles off the road as quickly as possible. This leads to fewer vehicle accidents and safer communities.

Creating return on investment

A high value, low-cost solution, our technology serves as the eyes and ears of your city and can improve operations of individual vehicles, fleets, and entire workforces, helping to save tax dollars and lessen the administrative burden on city employees.

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At Rubicon, we understand the responsibility that our customers and partners place in us every day.

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Join the smart city movement

City residents look to their governments to lead by example. When cities partner with sustainable businesses on technology-based, smart city initiatives they show their residents and business owners what is possible and profitable in the circular economy.

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