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Take control of your waste.

From big box stores to small ones, Rubicon helps retailers nationwide take control of their waste. With a single platform, you can view invoices and billing history, explore detailed analytics, and gain complete visibility into your waste streams across multiple locations.

Optimized pick-ups, bottom-line savings.

Instead of over-charging you with unnecessary pickups, we optimize pickup frequency to match your waste volume.

Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Rubicon can help you enhance your brand image by providing comprehensive sustainability data—including a plan for more affordable recycling. We’ll show you detailed metrics by waste type, time period and more, so you can see every piece of waste you’ve recycled.

Savings and transparency, hand-in-hand.

Our customer app (RUBICONConnect) gives you full transparency so you can see exactly what you’re paying in services with line item audits of all invoices. And whenever you have a question, we’ll be your one point of contact to help.

All your waste and recycling needs handled by one team.

Consolidate Services
Consolidate management of waste and recycling services while also providing preventative maintenance and emergency equipment repair programs.

Minimize Costs
Minimize costs, eliminate junk fees, and optimize service levels for maximum efficiency with our data insights and analytic reviews.

Account Visibility
Provide 24/7 account visibility with a regularly updated dashboard that details diversion per site, billing history, data trends and more.

Service Optimization
Organize SLA reviews, reporting, quarterly business reviews and planning sessions.

Best Practices
Supply materials that help educate and implement recycling best practices among residents.

Full Compliance
Ensure all customer locations are, and remain, in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and recycling ordinance.

Control your costs, and your waste.

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"There are no hidden charges or extra fees with Rubicon, which wasn't the case with our old provider."

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