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Introducing Jimmy Contreras Jr. of RJ Recovery Services

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, RJ Recovery Services has built a team of 37 proud employees and manages a fleet of 20 front-loading and roll-off trucks utilizing the Rubicon X platform. RJ Recovery Services is also a valued Rubicon Pro Hauler.

Jimmy, how did you get involved in the waste and recycling industry?
My dad was affiliated with a couple of trash companies in New York when I was 13 years old. I would hang on the back of the trucks and around the containers, and sometimes I would change the oil for the trucks. It gets in your blood and your veins, and really becomes an addiction. You begin wondering what type of containers certain bins are as you pass them, things like that. So I bought my first truck when I was 16 and started my first hauling company in 1996.

Why did you begin donating 10% of your profits to breast cancer research?
My wife’s mother and my grandma both had breast cancer, so it is close to my family. I wanted to support a cause that has personal meaning to me and make a real difference for others. We’ve also been able to deliver and pick up Porta-Johns for American Cancer Society events.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in this industry?
Getting a break on things like fuel, tires and even containers is difficult. Using Rubicon Pro has completely changed that. It allows me to find deals and, overall, it just makes the process easier.

What are three of the biggest benefits you have seen from working with Rubicon?
1. Increased recycling opportunities.
We were initially recycling 20 percent of our materials. Since we began working with Rubicon, that has increased to almost 50 percent.

2. An actual relationship with our partner.
When we worked with brokers, they didn’t care about our business. They were just in it for the money. It is a team effort when we work with Rubicon – Rubicon actually wants my company to succeed.

3. Technology.
Rubicon’s technology is through the roof. Rubicon X has allowed my fleet and my business as a whole to become more efficient.

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