Waste Solutions for Food Waste

Stop sending leftovers to landfills
Food waste makes up 20 percent of all landfill waste, where it produces methane gas and contributes to global warming. Partner with Rubicon to find new uses for your food and other waste, achieve cost savings, and run a more sustainable business.
Feed those who need it
Support your community by donating food that’s still safe to consume. We identify local food banks and work with our customers to make donations simple and worry-free.
Turn scraps into compost and renewable energy
Discover new end uses for your food, oil and grease waste, including animal feed, compost, biofuels and waste-to-energy. Our secondary recyclables marketplace helps you keep more waste out of landfills and create new revenue streams.
A total solution
Schedule on-demand pickups for everything you throw away, get total transparency into your costs, and track progress against sustainability goals with Rubicon’s easy-to-use technology.
Achieve savings and greater sustainability