Rubicon Spotlight: Stacy Louis

We are passionate about our people at Rubicon. When adding to our team, we look for individuals who share our core values and are committed to helping us achieve our mission. One of those core values is giving back to the community. No one embodies this more than Rubicon rep Stacy Louis – known to kids around Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood as “Coach.”

Stacy first began coaching youth football four years ago after feeling the itch to be around the game again. He grew up playing football and culminated his athletic career as a collegiate athlete at Morehouse College.

“I always knew coaching was something I wanted to do, because as far back as I can remember coaches had a profound effect on my life,” Stacy said. Growing up, Stacy’s father wasn’t in the picture. It was his coaches who kept him in check.

After playing and training with the greats, including the Cleveland Browns’ Brain Brasswell, Stacy wanted to give back what he’d learned. He decided to return to the city of College Park where he’d originally played pop warner football.

Because College Park is a predominantly underserved area of town, the players don’t always have much. Under Stacy’s leadership and guidance, this group of young athletes has turned into a top team in the state of Georgia and one of the best teams in the country. Now, Stacy coaches the same kids every year.

“I feel like I’ve grown up with them,” Stacy said about his experience.

We couldn’t be more proud to have leaders like Stacy in the Rubicon family. We’re excited to sponsor his football team this year and will be rooting for these kids from near and far.

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