Rubicon Motivated and Dedicated Long Term Employees

Motivated and Dedicated: A Celebration Of Our Long Term Employees

Start-ups can be an evolving environment but here at Rubicon, we are lucky to have sustained longevity amongst many of our beloved employees.

Earlier this week, we celebrated our longest serving team members with a touching and reflective award celebration. We heard from managers, our CEO, and many team members about what makes someone think of Rubicon as a career and not just a job.

Here is what our award recipients had to say: 

What keeps you motivated and dedicated to working at Rubicon?

Nick Cordes: “In my current role, I get to work with our “mom and pop” haulers and I really enjoy helping them grow their business. Providing these haulers with opportunities to service businesses from big-box retail down to the local pizza store shop that would otherwise go to one of the big 3 haulers is huge. Providing new business opportunities to haulers is just the start. Rubicon also keeps finding new ways to innovate and implement technology to an industry that has been antiquated for a long time.”

Rubicon Employee Celebration

Ali Oraikat:  What kept me motivated is the challenge to make a change, to be part of a dream and vision that is becoming a reality (today is a big proof to that), and the company’s appreciation and value to its people through great benefits, activities, and perks.”

Felisa Rubicon Employee Blog

Felisa Stewart:My motivation & dedication comes from knowing that I am a great asset to this company. I’ve witnessed the growth & development, I can’t wait to see this company 5 years from now, and I can look back and say that I weathered the storm during the bad times. Rubicon acknowledges my efforts. I deserve to be here and see this company continue to grow and prosper. I enjoy being on the Rubicon team.”

Wren Unger Rubicon Employee

Wren Unger: The Rubicon family and our customers keep me motivated and dedicated to the company and our mission of ending waste.”

Perry Rubicon Employee

Perry Moss: “Having worked for two other asset light waste companies over the span of 15 years, I’ve never seen the major waste companies object to the asset-light model. But with Rubicon, it’s clear that they are taking notice and it’s because we are threatening their landfill model.  At Rubicon, we use technology and sustainability to deliver a superior product to our customers. We are changing the way waste is viewed and managed which is why the major landfill companies push back and attempt to make things difficult for us. Sure, it makes operating in this environment more challenging but nothing great ever comes easy. We are on a path to end the landfill model and that’s what keeps me so excited and energized each and every day.”

Erica Rubicon Employee

Erica Lukas: “I love what I do. I absolutely love it. Working in Billing and Vouchering means I’m constantly solving problems, and I find that very satisfying. Sometimes it’s a hauler with a payment application question, sometimes it’s a customer with a question about a charge on the invoice. My goal is to make sure everybody is happy and everybody is paid!”

Amy Rubicon Employee

Amy Hamilton: No one else is doing what we’re doing. We’re attacking ‘waste’ from every angle- from our hauler app and SmartCity technology to implementing recycling programs for enterprise customers and helping SMB customers save money. Watching Rubicon continue to strive to do more in a space where we’re kind of charting our own course keeps me motivated.”

Jordan Rubicon Employee

Jordan Pilsch: “Growth! I’m in a unique position in that I’ve worked with the same customer throughout my time at Rubicon. I started at Rubicon right out of college handling service requests, and am now the Account Director for that same customer. I’ve grown professionally and have been given opportunities at a young age I doubt I would have had at other companies. Watching Rubicon grow from 40 employees to where we are today has been an exciting, challenging and fun journey!”

Benny Rubicon Employee

Benny Meadows: “Having my first child last year made me think even more about the footprint we are all leaving on the planet and the effect it will have on not just the next generation but all subsequent generations. Our mission to eradicate landfills and doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions motivates me every day. I can look at my daughter and feel good knowing I’m doing my part to help the planet for her and her children.”

Dan Rubicon Employee

Dan Snipes: “Early on I was motivated by a desire to see the ending to the story – that Rubicon would become extremely valuable and be acquired by a major player. I didn’t know that we would become a major player. So I am now motivated not by being around to see the last page of our story, but instead by the fact that Rubicon is a page-turner day-in-day-out. Seven years ago I could have never predicted that we would be part of the Smart Cities initiative, for example.  I wonder what plot twist I’ll see in the next chapter.”

Cindy Rubicon Employee

Cindy Sheppard: “I’m the first employee of the company…it’s like my child, I want to see it grow and prosper.  I have literally invested my blood, sweat, and tears!”

Hailey Rubicon Employee

Hailey Lyerly:We’re a serious motley crew but are all working under the same mission statement and that is something I’m proud of and want to continue to be a part of.  We have this wonderful robust mix of individuals from all walks of life and cultures with decades of waste, recycling and sustainability experience.  We’ve got folks from the tech space, young and eager individuals that want to make a difference in the world and a whole host of other folks that make us who we are.  With a mix like that there’s never a dull moment.”

Holly Rubicon Employee

Holly Davis: The people I work with along with the relationship with the customer.  It feels good to be trusted by the customer and the genuine belief that we operate in their best interest.”

Elizabeth Rubicon Employee

Elizabeth Montoya: “I love my colleagues! Every day our team inspires me, teaches me something new and motivates me to keep charging forward. It’s cheesy, but teamwork really does make the dream work!”

Hank Rubicon Employee

Hank Dudgeon: “To create the largest most impactful sustainability company in the world!”

Sam Rubicon Employee

Sam Podgorny: “I have watched this company transform year over year and I love being a part of the Rubicon story. Rubicon wouldn’t be the same without me and I wouldn’t be the same without it. I look forward to where this crazy ride is going to take me next.”

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