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Father’s Day Advice: Never Leave Home Without Wipes

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we sat down with some of Rubicon’s most rad dads. First up,  Brian Simms, Chief Sales Officer for Rubicon. As you can tell by the headline, Brian is a big fan of wipes…and maybe a little Velcro. Let’s see what the chief has to say…

Groupon, Amazon, Rubicon – now a toddler. You’ve handled some seriously fast-paced environments and rapid change. What’s your secret?

Brian: It’s all about your ability to prioritize, and more importantly holding yourself accountable for what you prioritize. For me, it’s when I get home from work – no matter what time it is – the first hour home I’m 100% focused on my family. I put my phone in a drawer (literally) and I don’t take my laptop out of my bag. I focus on my family for that whole hour. After my son, Ace, and my wife, Mallory, are in bed, I can take calls and emails and focus on my work without forgetting to focus on my family.

So you’re a waste expert now. What’s your best piece of waste advice?

Brian: Never leave home without wipes. Seriously.

You’ve built out sales strategies for some of the nation’s hottest startups. Any tips for entrepreneurs trying to build their business?

Brian: If you’re in the process of trying to build something that’s never been done before, that means part of you enjoys perfection. You need to put that element of your personality aside, because nothing will ever be perfect. It’s the same with parenthood. Every parent thinks their child is perfect, the best on the planet. But they will inevitably do things you wish they wouldn’t do. You have to learn to commit to and love your work and your child in an imperfect way. When you’re building a startup organization or sales team, you can’t wait for something to be perfect before you start. You have to start moving forward before things look exactly as you want them to. It’s like teaching your kid to tie his shoes…it’s going to take a while for him to get it right, so in the meantime, maybe Velcro works just fine.

Give us your best ‘Dad Advice.’

My personal relationships and my career made me think I had developed a high level of patience. I was wrong. When I entered the journey of fatherhood, I quickly learned I knew nothing about patience. Without patience, you just get frustrated and unhappy. Learning to be patient with my son has allowed our relationship to grow in such a great way. Not to say that my patience isn’t still tested on a daily basis – because it is. But learning this has allowed for me to grow as both a father and as a professional.

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