Rubicon Employee Spotlight: Emily Everix

Rubicon Employee Spotlight Emily Everix

Rubicon Employee Spotlight Emily Everix

With a passion for sales and sustainability, Emily Everix joined the Rubicon team a year ago as a National Account Executive. Working remotely from the Sunshine State, Emily works diligently to deliver sustainable solutions to national customers. Living by our mission “to end waste” in and out of the Rubicon office, Everix has even developed a fun and innovative program to teach her son how to recycle properly!

Let’s get to know Emily Everix:

1. What is your role at Rubicon? How long have you been with the company?

I have been with Rubicon for 11 awesome months and I am a National Account Executive.

2. What is one new thing you learned this week in your role?

I was on vacation this week and I learned about the importance of having the sustainability conversation with everyone you meet. People want to do the right thing but they just don’t know how to get started. Having that conversation is crucial because everyone can benefit from our help!

3. What sparked your passion for sustainability?

I think I’ve always had the “sustainability bug.” When I came to Rubicon, I took that passion to the next level. I have my son so hooked on sustainability that he wants to go looking at dumpsters with me! I was on vacation at Jellystone Park last week and we even set up a “recycling day” for all the kids. We would run around the campsite picking up garbage and properly dispose of everything; the number of items they picked up would work as a point system that they could redeem for ice cream, candy, or little gifts. Sustainability is in all aspects of my life.

4. How do you contribute to the RubiCulture?

Since I work outside of our Atlanta headquarters, I try to make sure I always have good energy and bring a positive attitude when I’m at the office. It’s really important to get to know people and make that connection in order to work well together. 

5. Did the fact that Rubicon is a B Corporation play into your decision to come aboard?

I actually didn’t know what a B Corp was before I started here but now that I do, I make sure I talk about it in all of my conversations. I think being a Certified B Corp speaks volumes about who we are as a culture.

6. What is one piece of advice you heard outside of the office that you apply to your work?

You have to always make a difference. I don’t care if I’m going to the mall or the gas station, people respond in kind. The reaction when you get when you’re kind to someone is priceless. You can change someone’s life!

7. If any actor (dead or alive) could play you in the movie of your life, who would you cast and why?

Rachel McAdams! Not only is she fabulous, but she also has a blog called “Green is Sexy” that is striving to make environmental change.

8. If you could play any professional sport: what would it be and why?

Surfing! I learned how to surf years ago and I was immediately hooked. I could live on a beach, help clean it up, and surf every day. I would love to be able to do that with my son!

9. You’re on a deserted island and a helicopter drops down one food for you daily, what item would you eat every day for the rest of your life?


10. What is one eco-responsible action that you try to incorporate into your everyday life?

We recycle everything, but we’re taking it a step further. My son is collecting all of these bottle caps after he found that you can recycle them. You can recycle these caps so they are used to make “buddy benches.” If a child feels lonely or is getting bullied, they can go sit on the “buddy bench” and it signals to their peers that they want to be included.

11. Who is your favorite B Corporation and why?

Rubicon! We are changing the industry. I love what Rubicon stands for and considering how difficult it is to get B Corp certified, we really are doing something special over here.

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